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E’scape Airtours Charters and Transfers has been in operation since 2003 when owner and pilot Grant Soule recognised the need for a professional and operative means of helicopter transport in the Eastern Cape area. Grant has over 8000 hours of flight time as a pilot in command and is both a Commercial Helicopter Pilot and a Grade Two Instructor – ensuring that our customers are in good, experienced hands.

Grant has ratings on the Robinson RH22, Robinson RH44, Bell 206, MD 500, AS350 Squirrel, hughes 300, Bell 407. Our goal at E’scape is to offer both local residents and tourists a convenient, professional service in one, covering all aspects of the aviation industry.


Maintenance of aircraft

Safety is paramount to the company, and as such we consistently and thoroughly ensure the maintenance and service of our aircrafts according to the standards set out by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. Since 2016, E’scape Airtours as well as many other helicopters operating in the Eastern Cape have been maintained by E’scape Helicopter Services - a new venture started by our owner and a partner which has taken off due to its reliability and efficiency.

For more info please contact Megan Fava on 041 581 0327



Our well-trained and enthusiastic pilots pride themselves on being professional and thorough at all times. Each pilot attends a mandatory annual Crew Resource and Dangerous Goods Course and is regularly evaluated on their proficiency so as to ensure constant improvement and the maintenance of a safe service. This is also done by means of fortnightly safety meetings with the purpose of identifying and eradicating any potential operational risks or hazards.


Interested in obtaining a helicopter pilots licence?

Interested in a career in aviation or possibly exploring a new hobby? There is simply nothing like the thrill and excitement of taking to the skies in a Robinson helicopter as a pilot. Whether it is a licence you would like to obtain (CPL or PPL) or you are looking for assistance and guidance in doing a proficiency/revalidation check or conversion, E’scape Airtours have both the means and the enthusiasm to give you a professional and educational experience.

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